​Art. Inspiration. Passion.

​In 2014, a handful of local actors, directors, and playwrights founded Michiana PlayMakers Inc.  The motivation was to perform plays we feel passionate about, create new and exciting plays for the theatre, and to make great art.

But in order to accomplish this, we realized we had to take the  traditional theatre model and toss it out the door.  Business as usual just doesn't 

cut it for us.  In other words, we were forced to "go rogue."

Our "season" is comprised of plays that we can get excited about.  We don't do
 what's trendy or what’s been overdone - we'd rather do nothing at all.  

We seek out the best performance space to complement each play, so you might find us in different venues all over town.  But don't worry; you probably won't need your GPS to find us. We like to keep things local and you will find us in some very familiar and easy to find locations. 

Michiana Playmakers Inc. is organized under IRC Section 501(c)(3) and
contributions are tax deductible.  Contact your financial adviser if you have  

questions regarding tax deductible contributions.

make art.  give back. Go rogue.

Photo courtesy of William Heimann