Michiana Playmakers Inc. is organized under IRC Section 501(c)(3) and contributions are tax deductible to the extent that the law will allow.  Contact your financial adviser if you have questions regarding tax deductible contributions.

be a playmaker.

You've done your research.  You like our mission.  

You understand that as a publicly supported nonprofit, we depend on donations to keep afloat.

And now you are here.

We think that makes you pretty cool. 

Your donations help us sustain projects like The New Works Project, a project which emphasizes the importance of creating new plays for the local (and possibly the world) stage. Once a story goes from  the page to the stage, anything can happen.

Your donation contributes to everything you see and hear on our stage. 

You can make your donation right here.  Thank you for investing in your community by supporting local playwrights and performers.

Thank you for your generosity!

Mary Toll & Bill Heimann

​Mary Ann Moran

​Frederick Greiner & Margaret Whitmer

Susan Harper

​ Abbey Platt

Steven Cole

Lesley Bookout

RJ Butler
Colleen Dabler
Cecil Eastman
Justin Evans
Caitlin Jemison
William Loring
Sarah Myers
Aaron Nichols
Stephanie Rizik 
Kevin and Carrie Ryan
Patrick and MaryBeth Ryan
Robyn Ryan
Stephanie Salisbury
Stephanie Smith
Vicki Zimmerman

Bernard Wurger

​Michael & Ellen Moriarty


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